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Year of the Rector’s


I normally don’t reflect much at this time of year, or set goals. However, this year I wanted too. I’m calling it the Year of the Rector’s and it’s through His grace and for His glory!

A little recap on 2018, the beginning of the year I was struggling spiritually. Ryan and I weren’t on the same page and I knew that I wanted to raise my children in church and Ryan wasn’t there yet. I would go to church and leave more defeated than I had came in. With starting my blog I felt fake from being in this funk. I wasn’t reading my bible and my prayers were few and far between.

God always has a plan doesn’t he? And I think he loves showing up at the very last minute. At the end of June we were lead to attend a different church, and when I say we…I mean basically having to drag Ryan out of bed and telling him we WERE going. (And I wonder where my daughter gets her sassy-ness from) Anyhow, it’s pushed us in a totally different direction! A good different that is.

2019 is our first full year as a family who is looking and seeking God’s guidance whole heartedly. And it’s been fun reflecting, talking, writing things down. So, here is the thing’s we want to improve/strive for in this year.

Making God our #1. The last sermon we heard for 2018 set the stage for the New Year. I would give it the title of “What would you do first in 2019” and the overall theme was making worship our first priority of the year. I’ve read that some people set a word for the year and for 2019 my word is humility. This word resonates with me so much, and I started this blog with humility being a main focus for me. I think it’s important if you set a goal, you have to write down a plan to accomplish them.

Our plan is to get more involved in our church, making sure we have quite time to read and study our bibles, and praying with each other (we pray with our girls but haven’t quite master praying with each other.) I read this today, “A lifestyle is not an outcome, it is a process.”- James Clear. I love that so much, when we come short or feel like we fail we don’t have to sit and stew in the failure. We realize it’s part of the journey and pick up where we left off.

Invest in our marriage. Having toddlers makes it crazy hard to find time for each other. I always put them first, and I don’t know if that’s the season we’re in but I give them my all. Then poor Ryan gets the leftovers, which aren’t much. (Sorry babe, you know I love ya tho)

I wrote down my ideas and plans for investing in us as a couple. For me, I know I need to nourish and cherish Ryan more. Speaking gratitude is so important and I have came up pretty short in that area. Words of affirmation are so important in letting the people you know appreciate them. I wish I could say we would do weekly date nights, but monthly seems more attainable especially since we’re budgeting and trying to get out of debt. Also, working on how we solve conflict. We are learning that God uses situations and differences to help us grow spiritually, individually, and as whole. And being quick to forgive (lol also me, I hold on to things)

Quality time with each girl, together and separate. This morning Ryan and I had a quick 20 minute day date with Maggie. It wasn’t anything extravagant but just a quick trip to get a donut and to really just spend time with her. It was so sweet, and I want a lot more of that! On Sunday’s I think (it’s not set in stone yet, remember it’s all a process) Ryan and I are going to have a quick 20-30 min “family meeting” to go over our week and make sure we are all on the same page for the week. Who is doing what and what all we have scheduled. And if we start it now and make it a routine, when the girls are in school they will get to become apart of what I think I’ve officially named a “family meeting.”

Phew, that felt lengthy. And if you’re still here reading. Bless you and I love ya! I’d love to know if this has made you want to reflect on the past year and if you set goals for the new year? Ryan and I are still learning and growing spiritually (bahaha aren’t we all) but any advice on growing in a family of Christ is appreciated. Comment below on what has helped you as a couple or as a family. I’d love to know. Also, Happy 2019 everyone. It’s going to be a great year!


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