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what you need to know about selling on ThredUP


This post is not sponsored, even if it was – the opinions will always be my own.

How it works:

First things first, you have to make an account. Then you will order a “Clean Out Kit”. This kit comes in the mail (no charge!), fill it with all the “gently” used items you no longer want. It’s seriously so simple. I did love this part. Shipping is free too, the system is extremely easy. Next, take the bag full of goodies to your local post office or Fedex. Just make sure to put the right label on the bags depending on which carrier you are going to use.

Then ThredUp does the rest. They post pictures and sell the items. Super easy to see what they’ve listed because it’ll show up on your account.

Here’s the part that’s not so great. If you don’t have extremely high end stuff, your payout it is pretty dang low. I didn’t realize this before I sent it in, but that’s okay. It is all listed on their site, so that was a failure on my part. Just for an example I’ll show you a few items that where listed and what I made below.

soooooo, uhhhh payout is pretty low lol. On an item that was sold for $19.99, I made 3 dollars. Meaning I only got 15% of what was made. I did, however, making a total of $50 dollars, but I had sent in two really big bags LOL. Here’s a chart that I found on ThredUP’s website of the percentages of payouts. I also put the link below so you can see it on the website as well.

$5.00-$19.99 3%-15%
$20.00-$49.99 15%-30%
$50.00-$99.99 30%-60%
$100.00-$199.99 60%-80%
$200.00+ 80%

I haven’t ever ordered anything from ThredUP, but that kind of seems like the better thing to do unless you have really high quality items where you can get a higher percentage payout.

I hope this was helpful, and like I said the process of everything was so stinking easy but I was a little disappointed on the percentages. Overall, I probably wouldn’t sell on ThredUP again, but I am definitely up to buying from them. I love thrifting. It saves money and it’s better for the environment. I really do love their mission, to reduce fashion waste so that part makes me really happy! So, yea! let me know your experience with ThredUP or if this was helpful!

Love y’all, Denise.


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