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What is Humility.


Oh sheesh. Where do I even start. I guess, it’s telling myself…it is okay to restart as many times as I need too. I think that’s the thing, if we start something and it’s not going as planned we just kind of let it slip away and just stop all together. Well, I’ve done that a lot but I keep coming back to this blog. So here it goes…again.

I mentioned in my first post, I made a separate account for my blog. It was just to hard for me to stay focused and consistent when I was wanting to post about ALL the things, you know my family, our adventures and all that. And I know lifestyle blogs work for some people but right now I really just want to focus on what God has put on my heart and maybe eventually I’ll be able to incorporate all those in-between things that I love so much.

So for now, I’ll focus on the thing God is calling my heart to. Humility. That word intimidates me so much, because it’s so much of what I am not. I’m strong willed, stubborn, and I HATE being wrong. lol I’m not proud of those things, but it’s the truth. And you know what Thank GOD I can admit those things (not because I want to admit them, or that I even did it on my own but that I’ve been convicted enough to know those things are there.) And if I refused to admit my flaws the Holy Spirit wouldn’t be guiding me to what God is calling me to. It can be the hardest thing in the world to admit we are wrong, but nothing is more helpful in resolving the problem.

That’s I think the first stepping stone toward humility is knowing we are nothing without Christ. All our righteousness is of filthy rags lol that’s literally what the Bible says about us. And just look around at the world and everything going on around us. We’ve taken God out of everything, and declared ourselves the God of our own lives…and it’s a real mess. It’s getting really sketchy out there.

Knowing we are nothing without christ, requires us to be honest with ourselves and admit our flaws. We are not perfect. Real humility needs transparency, so we can face our own brokenness. Being honest allows us to be exposed and broken before God. This is how we find how desperately we need grace, and a savior who gives it so freely.

Philippians 2:3. Every prayer I ever said over this blog has always lead me to this scripture. At the end of 2019 I was in a bible study with a group of ladies at church, and I had prayed over my blog and what I needed to do. Should I delete it, what should I do?! I just felt so annoyed that I had even started it. That morning a sweet girl at my table, told me she read Philippians 2:3 and said Denise I couldn’t get you out of my head when I read that this past week. I started crying (Hi, I’m Denise and I cry. A LOT. -everything makes me weepy) and was like I literally was going to delete my blog this week, but had just be praying about it. She prayed with me that morning and I felt certain I shouldn’t delete it.

2020…I didn’t post. Not even once. It never felt right. And it was like okay God. Like what am I doing with this? So I just pushed it to the backburner and left it there. 2021 rolled around and I’m like okay. I don’t want to keep paying for this website, I’m not going to be using it. I just don’t know what I’m doing. I’m unqualified. I feel stupid. Literally, can we do ourselves a favor…when we start thinking these things can we just Stop and think….and be like hold on, satan. You can just leave because God says differently.

So I started writing post, but never posted them. So here’s to letting that go, if it’s God’s will then nothing will stop it. So here’s to posting the things in faith. Faith is an action. Not a feeling. So if you see my other instagram account, this is why. It’s going to be solely focused on humility and all things God. 🙂 Sorry that was a little bit of a off subject tangent.

Back to humility. I just feel like God is calling me to study this, and study it in depth. So studying is what I’m going to try to do. So hopefully you will come alongside me, and learn humility along side me…(Imperfectly, of course). What are your thoughts on humility? What do you think it takes to be someone others call humble, and not just other people…but most importantly what do you think it takes to be humble before God?


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