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the best thrifting tips


I’ve been thrifting before it was trendy, and people are always asking me where I go and how I find all the good finds. So, I feel like I have a lot of tips and things I can share with y’all. And that’s why I decided I would write a blog post with my best tips!

first things first

goodwill is NOT my favorite thrift store. I know this is where a lot of people thrift but it’s not always my first choice, but I still go and have found some really good things there. I typically hit up local thrift stores. Just do a quick internet search for local thrift stores in your community. Some times they are connected with a charity or an organization that goes to a good cause. A lot of churches in the south actually have thrift stores connected to them. Bonus, these types of thrift stores are typically cheaper than goodwill and help others. It’s a win/win.

Alright, this is a big one, shop frequently. And I now that can be difficult but just know that turn over is so fast in thrift stores and if you go frequently then you’ll find all the “new” donations and all the really good finds.

GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME. thrifting can take a while because you’re digging around and searching. It’s not something you can do quickly. I mean you can….haha I def have but it’s usually so stressful and I just would rather look through ALL THE THINGS.

BYOB-bring your own bag! This helps me carry things through the store and then also helps save plastic at check out.

this is my favorite thrifting bag because it’s huge and it was handmade. I of course found it thrifting but here’s a link to the other bags I use as well. The ones in the pictures on this post are the shorter handle, but I actually love the longer handled ones more.

Shop when you’re on vacation. I love going out of town and hitting up the thrift stores! it just hits differently.

another BIG one. Look through all sections/sizes- Vintage sizes are different than today’s sizes. In vintage Levi’s I’m a 12 but in today’s sizes I’m a 4. So look through them all. Also don’t forgot to shop mens sections. I have found some of the best things in the mens. Also, the plus size section is good for that oversized look and look through the “return” section outside of the dressing rooms!

lastly, TRY IT ON. there’s usually not a return policy at thrift stores, so try it on and make sure before you get it home and end up not loving it. I make it a rule when I’m thrifting and/or shopping retail–if I don’t 100% love it, it doesn’t come home with me (with the exception of repurposing an item).

If you are brave enough to go to the goodwill bins, where it’s buy by the pound. Go with a friend. It’s so stressful alone and a friend can make it fun (legit one of the best places to people watch) and you can find things for each other. T

That’s it y’all! My simple thrifting tips, nothing profound but these will help you score some good finds! Are there some tips I missed that you use while thrifting? Let me know!


Outfit Details: Jean jacket//Thrifted
Pants: Albion Fit Jetsetters
Shoes: Teva
Bag: Market Tote
Top: White tee//Thrifted
Scrunchie: Leopard Print scrunchie
(this isn’t the exact link to the scrunchie I have on, this ones from old navy and it was an older purchase. I have this one from target at it’s oversized and so soft!)


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  1. Karen Self says:

    cool tips. love thrifting and finding treasures. keep up the good work.

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