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Add this to your next Asheville travel plans


Spontaneous should be my middle name. There are few things I like more then breaking out of our routine. Today, the girls ditched the naps and we went on a little day trip to Maggie Valley.

I have a bucket list of hikes and places I would like to do this year. I’ve been working on this list for a while now andddddd I’m hoping this is the summer (except I couldn’t wait until summer, so maybe I should say the year) to knock a bunch of them out with the girls being a little older.

We loaded up to go check out this DOUBLE waterfall in Maggie Valley. It’s called Soco Falls. My GPS took me right to the location, but if you aren’t paying attention you will definitely drive right past it. There really isn’t even a parking lot, as I had read on other sites on where to park. I didn’t see any signs either, but I could have easily overlooked them. This is just a good ol’ fashion “pull off” on the side of the road.

The walk down to the base of the falls is pretty steep. If I was by myself it would have been no problem, but holding hands and carrying one made it a little challenging. My girls are 5 and 3, and Maggie (3 year old) did tell me she was scared at one point, but I was sure footed or I wouldn’t have continued down. There’s a really awesome platform built to view the waterfall from if you don’t want to go to the base. The girls and I couldn’t help but get down there.

No questions asked, it was worth taking our time and cautiously making our was down to the base of the falls. The girls thought the mist coming off the falls was snow, and that alone made them so happy. They’ve been dying for it to snow. Anyhow, first hike of 2020 is in the books and it was amazing! I really am hoping I can share more adventures with you this year, I feel like last year I had so many DM’s about where we were and how they did on the hikes. Hopefully this year I can inspire you to take some little day trips with your babes.


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