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Year of the Rector’s


I normally don’t reflect much at this time of year, or set goals. However, this year I wanted too. I’m calling it the Year of the Rector’s and it’s through His grace and for His glory! A little recap on 2018, the beginning of the year I was struggling spiritually. Ryan and I weren’t on the same page and I knew that I wanted to…

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you are not alone


  Do y’all know the hymn- someone to care? ( If’s the lyrics ), They’re so tender and just down right amazing. And then again, they might not be to you because I’ve heard this song my whole life, growing up in church but it wasn’t one of my favorites. Honestly, it just never stood out to me.   That is until one Sunday night,…

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Douglas Falls


      Welp, it’s been a million years since I’ve posted.   This summer Ryan and are hoping we can do a lot of hiking/camping with the girls….if Summer ever comes. It’s April 24th and Spring is being real stubborn here in North Carolina. But this weekend, we were able to get out and go on a super easy hike with the girls.  …

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Billy Graham’s Final Message


  I remember the day this first aired (is that the right terminology? aired…lol). I anxiously waited all day to come home from work to watch his last sermon. I sat in my living room floor and sobbed watching this, and I know now that all of Heaven is rejoicing now that he’s home. I’m sure the Devil is rejoicing just as well because he…

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All the details


  I decided to do an introduction for my new followers on Instagram today. (heyyyy and thank you if you made your way here!) I kept making my caption way to long, so I thought it would make sense to post for those who might want more of a backstory.   My reasoning behind starting a blog is pretty generic. I became a stay at…

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Ordinary joy


    Have you ever had one of those days that for no particular reason at all things just seem perfect? It’s not because you went somewhere special or even did anything out of the ordinary. These days are rare for me, but when it does occur I always think of it as just a calm that is sent down from Heaven. This was one…

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Memorable Mondays!


Happy 2017 everyone! I’ve been a little absent from the blog, but that’s what the holiday’s are about getting to spend time with loved ones and celebrating the birth of Christ. I’m extremely thankful I got to do so with the best family God could have given me. Confession time-also, with being so busy I’ve fallen short on reading scriptures. Some days I just need…

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Five barley loaves + two small fish


Happy Monday loves! I hope everyone had a blessed weekend, I know I did. I’m going to be totally honest here, so I keep having doubts about my blog. It’s like a voice in the back of my mind telling me that I’m not worthy to be speaking about Jesus. I am no one special, I’m not an elegant writer, and I sin just like…

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Praise Him!


“Praise him, praise him. Oh, praise him in the morning, Praise him in the noon time. Praise him. Praise him. Praise him when the sun goes down.” Oh man, I just love that song. When we sing it in church I just sing and dance my little heart out (when I say dance…I’m not cutting a rug or anything) mainly just bouncing a baby on…

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Hey y'all! I'm so happy you made your way to The Humbling Bee. I'm Denise and this is my small town story.

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