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Ordinary joy




Have you ever had one of those days that for no particular reason at all things just seem perfect? It’s not because you went somewhere special or even did anything out of the ordinary. These days are rare for me, but when it does occur I always think of it as just a calm that is sent down from Heaven. This was one of those days.

I started using my camera again, and it was just so exciting to pick up something I use to have such an interest and start fresh again. Photography was/is something I’ve always loved and wanted to be really good at, but it started being more of an annoyance. I am the personality type that if something isn’t going as planned I chalk it up to I’m not good at it or become stressed, and I know that’s not the case. Practice makes perfect. I’m learning this now more than ever being a mother, it’s not been easy but it’s been worth it. Slowly learning to just take a deep breath when things don’t go as planned, which can hard bc I’m kind of a planner. I still have days where I get really uptight and anxious if a situation doesn’t pan out quite like I had imagined, but that’s part of learning and growing.

I think that is what made this ordinary day seem kind of extraordinary. I got to pick out little moments and capture them forever. They weren’t posed and they’re not perfect just like life…it’s not perfect, but it’s about finding happiness in those imperfect moments. (Trust me, still working on this)

The day finished out with us grilling hamburgers with my in-laws and doing some yard work. Nothing to ride home about but seemingly it was a perfect day in my book. I know I said these days are rare, but why should they be? It’s in these ordinary moments I found joy. Why would I risk missing out on this while looking for something extraordinary or being stressed. (Me, stress? Surely not.)

While uploading my pictures a wave of gratitude crashed over me. Being grateful and realizing how blessed I truly am is the beginning of finding joy in every moment. God has been dealing with my heart so greatly and has been showing me how to let go of my anxiety, depression, and everything else the devil comes against us with. It’s not been particularly an easy lesson, but a necessary one. I’m thankful for his teachings and allowing me to grow and become who I need to be.



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    My favorite ❤️ And, babies grow way too fast. ??

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