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Memorable Mondays!


Happy 2017 everyone! I’ve been a little absent from the blog, but that’s what the holiday’s are about getting to spend time with loved ones and celebrating the birth of Christ. I’m extremely thankful I got to do so with the best family God could have given me.

Confession time-also, with being so busy I’ve fallen short on reading scriptures. Some days I just need a swift kick in the butt because it comes down to laziness. Thankfully, I serve a Heavenly Father who knows my heart and still loves me even when I come short.

I’m wanting to try a new thing where every Monday I attempt (haha no promises because seriously I’m so scattered brain these days — don’t know if I’m coming or going) to share a bible verse that is memorable to me. Honestly, every scripture is memorable-right down to the punctuation. It’s mind blowing how one verse can bring forth so much. I just love his word and I hope I can encourage you to love to read as well.

The first verse that I want to share has always called out to me, that even though I’m flawed Jesus still chose me. He loves the outcast, the unperfected. He calls to them and through his precious blood makes us worthy. Ah, seriously I weep when I start thinking how much he loves EVERYONE-not one soul is left out. Jesus loves you.

LUKE 5:32

I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

I love running references, and getting lost in his word. Seeing where those references can take you is amazing and you can learn so much. When I was reading this one and started running reference it brought me to 1 Timothy- 1:15. Another great verse, that is so reassuring and proves how much he truly loves me. Even though I come so short of His glory, he still working on me y’all and I thank him so much for that. If you want you should read that verse too.

Well, I’ve almost missed my deadline for #memorablemonday, but that’s me. Speaking of flaws — Constantly being late and procrastination to name a few. Let’s make 2017 a year to remember by getting in his word and growing just a little closer to our Heavenly Father. We can do it together and I’d love to hear from y’all. A favorite bible verse or a verse that speaks to you.


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