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Five barley loaves + two small fish


Happy Monday loves! I hope everyone had a blessed weekend, I know I did.

I’m going to be totally honest here, so I keep having doubts about my blog. It’s like a voice in the back of my mind telling me that I’m not worthy to be speaking about Jesus. I am no one special, I’m not an elegant writer, and I sin just like everyone else. Yesterday at church we had a guest preacher and I’m not even joking I felt like he was speaking to me, you could just feel the sweet Holy Ghost in the presence of our small country church.



He said, “If I could title my sermon, I’d call it-What do you have in your lunch
box?” He read from St. John 6- about Jesus feeding the multitude with just five loaves of bread and two small fish. The preacher said, I might have a different take on this than what any of you have heard before, and that he did. He said, as Christians we always want to do things based off of feelings, and that we are always asking God for a sign. He went on to say, “Do you think this young lad had a feeling about packing his lunch that day?” No-he didn’t. The boy knew that eventually he would get hungry and had packed himself something to eat. I am the world’s worse for praying for a sign or that God will show me exactly what to do and it really hit home because like I said, I keep having this voice telling me to stop….that you’re going to make a fool of yourself and that I’m just setting myself up for failure. All of these negative thoughts just keep gnawing at me but the preacher said that’s exactly what the devil wants. The devil wants you to think that you are unworthy because then you won’t tell others about the glory of Christ.

Of course, the sermon went on and he then said, “So, I have to ask- what is in your lunchbox?” In other words, what do you have to give to Jesus? He said, a lot of people think they’re so unworthy to speak about Christ but if you have Christ in your heart He makes us worthy. It’s not about us, it’s that we have Jesus’ blood running through our veins and that in fact makes us very worthy. How simple is a testimony? It’s not hard to thank Jesus, because if we look around we will be able to see all his blessings and all his glory in every little detail.

Jesus fed a multitude with just five barley loaves and two small fish-just image if we were to give what little we had to Jesus. The young boy could have kept those loaves and fish to himself and he would have been satisfied but what about the other 5,000? If we allow Jesus to multiple, we always come out on top and with more than what is needed. I mean, there was twelve baskets left over, right? It might not seem like much, but to God it is everything.

I guess if you looked in my lunchbox, you would find a thankful heart longing to please our Heavenly Father. I have been so blessed and I just want to share those blessings and the love that come from our Heavenly Father.



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