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5 ways to style swedish clogs


Clogs are one of my favorite shoes. I literally wear them with almost everything! I love how simple and versatile they are. I’ve had so many different brands of clogs throughout the years. And right now my favorite so far has been the lotta Stockholm clogs

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliated links, which means I will get paid a commission. I’ve chosen these products because I personally love them not because I am getting paid through affiliated links.

Outfit 1

Is there really anything better than a pair of jeans? These are my go to right now. They’re the perfect summer jean from Zara. Throw on a simple tank or white tee! This hat gives any look a put together look. I adore hats and this lack of colour hat is perfect. I love the stiff bri.

Outfit 2

I love these Anthropologie pants so much, they’re laid back and fun, but can be dressed up too. I thrift a lot of my clothes, and don’t mind spending a little more on “staple” items for my closet. These are going to be a favorite for a really really long time. I styled these with a simple sweater tank. Love how breezy and light these for summer.

Outfit 3

I am not a huge dress person. I actually really hate them, but for some reason I love this one. I’m not sure if its the length, fit, style, all the above? I don’t know but i really love this one from old navy! ( I got this dress in the spring, so it’s sold out but I liked the short sleeve version for summer)

Outfit 4

I am obsessed with overalls. I have them in like every style, every color, just give me all the overalls! ok? Jumpsuits will also fit into this category! These are just simple white overalls and I adore them with clogs. Does anyone else love all white? It’s almost impossible with kids but i do it anyhow because I LOVE IT! This top is from madewell, and not on their site anymore but they have one almost identical but it’s solid instead of eyelet like this one.

Outfit 5

Okay, lastly. Shorts with clogs makes my heart happy! You look put together but your still so comfortable for warmth of spring and summer. These are my most favorite shorts EVER. They’re the perfect bermuda shorts without making me feel slouchy. I feel like bermuda shorts are hard to style, but these go with EVERYTHING and the fit is 100%. Another thing, the older I get the more I feel weird in tank tops and shorts? I’m not sure why, so I usually try to wear move coverage up top when I wear shorts. I love a modest look and so this feels really good to me. Here’s a link to this sweater

That’s all! Just wanted to share my love for clogs and how awesome/versatile they really are! Hope this gives you some style inspo. I think the shorts outfit might be my favorite! Are you a fan of clogs or is that a pass for you? Again, hope this was helpful and let me know which outfit was your favorite! Love y’all!



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