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4 affordable shoes for summer 2022


Spring has finally rolled around and summer is quickly approaching! And my love for shoes is real….like real real. It’s one of those things that I’m like can you actually have to many shoes? yeaaaa, my answer is no. However, shoes are expensive BUT they don’t have to be! I have found 4 pair of affordable shoes that will be on repeat for me all summer long and we have Walmart to thank for that. Yes, you heard me Walmart. Not target ladies, but WALMART. (Also, this isn’t sponsored-I genuinely love these shoes!) If it was sponsored you know I’d be 100% up front but if ya wanna see what I found then keep scrolling!

Link to Teva dupes

This spring, platform sandals are still here. YAY because I loved my from last summer and these are literally the most fun colors! I’ve had so many people say OH MY GOSH, I LOVE YOUR TEVA’s :))) but they’re not Teva’s…just an awesome knock off! ! These are my absolute favorite- they’re SUPER affordable ($15 dollars affordable!) and super comfy! win/win. I got these in a size 6, but could have also done a size 7. There wasn’t a huge difference in sizes so if you’re between sizes I’d say you could honestly go either way and be fine!

Link to platform birks dupe

The next pair are equally amazing! I was honestly so shocked when I found them because I literally just spent $$$ on actual Birkenstocks, which don’t get me wrong. Real Birkenstocks are worth it to me, it’s the wide foot bed and comfort of the real deal that I’ll fork out that kind of money. BUT I’ve been eyeballing the platform looking Birkenstocks but didn’t want to pay that for a “trendy” look. Then I came across these and was SO STOKED! ah. They go with everything- they can be dressed up or down. Again, I’m not kidding the quality feels so legit and at $22 dollars. WHAT. I’m a true 6.5 and these are a size 6. So I do think these run just a tiny bit big! Here’s a link to these sandals

Link to sneakers

Alright, I know not everyone loves the chunky tennis shoes look but I am seriously digging it. Especially with leggings! And idk if it’s just me, but I love the look of fresh white shoes…. but white shoes don’t stay white to long 🙁 so I didn’t want to spend $$$. Then I saw these and loved them! They’re also super comfy! They’re true to size. I’m a 6.5 and got a 6.5 🙂

link to sneaky sneaks

Alright, I know these are a lot like the last ones butttttt I REALLY could not decided because these look like the $100 dollar Air Force Nike’s BUT these are only $15. I love that you can wear these with shorts, jeans, leggings, dresses! They’re such a versatile and fun shoe. I’ve even saw a lot of tutorials of people painting these-which I plan to do! 🙂 I’ll come back and share how those turn out.

I’m honestly shocked that all of these shoes came from Walmart but I don’t think these styles will last very long! They’re literally soooo stinking cute! I love all of these and really can’t pick a favorite! Anyone else think Walmart has really up’d their shoe game?


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