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What is Humility.


Oh sheesh. Where do I even start. I guess, it’s telling myself…it is okay to restart as many times as I need too. I think that’s the thing, if we start something and it’s not going as planned we just kind of let it slip away and just stop all together. Well, I’ve done that a lot but I keep coming back to this blog.…

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what to pack for a day at the lake with kids


Ah, the lake. It’s my home away from home every summer for about 14 years now. And if you’re a beach person…I also always thought I would chose the beach over the lake, until I started dating my husband. And now I would chose the lake over the beach almost every time (I do still enjoy the beach, but if I had to pick one…

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easy homemade dishwasher tablets


I recently discovered the brand of dishwasher tablets I was using wasn’t actually clean ingredients, even thought I thought I had done my research– but that’s how things go. Plus, they were kind of expensive. Someone I know through instagram posted that she was making her own, and I jumped in her DM’s so fast to figure out how she did it! I didn’t want…

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the best thrifting tips


I’ve been thrifting before it was trendy, and people are always asking me where I go and how I find all the good finds. So, I feel like I have a lot of tips and things I can share with y’all. And that’s why I decided I would write a blog post with my best tips! first things first goodwill is NOT my favorite thrift…

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Can anyone become a successful blogger?


Are you wondering the same thing? That’s the question that keeps circulating in my head. If you know me I started this blog 4 years ago and haven’t put the effort in. If you don’t know me, long story short–I started this blog 4 years ago when I became a stay at home mom but life has been so busy and I didn’t set the…

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5 ways to style swedish clogs


Clogs are one of my favorite shoes. I literally wear them with almost everything! I love how simple and versatile they are. I’ve had so many different brands of clogs throughout the years. And right now my favorite so far has been the lotta Stockholm clogs Disclaimer: this post contains affiliated links, which means I will get paid a commission. I’ve chosen these products because…

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what you need to know about selling on ThredUP


This post is not sponsored, even if it was – the opinions will always be my own. How it works: First things first, you have to make an account. Then you will order a “Clean Out Kit”. This kit comes in the mail (no charge!), fill it with all the “gently” used items you no longer want. It’s seriously so simple. I did love this…

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Add this to your next Asheville travel plans


Spontaneous should be my middle name. There are few things I like more then breaking out of our routine. Today, the girls ditched the naps and we went on a little day trip to Maggie Valley. I have a bucket list of hikes and places I would like to do this year. I’ve been working on this list for a while now andddddd I’m hoping…

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humbling bumbling bee


Y’all might have noticed I deleted my blog post last week. More people probably didn’t notice or care, but I do. I had wrote a post sharing some of my favorite accessories that I’m loving right now. And if you had read my IG caption everything from photos, losing my phone, the camera remote not working, and then yesterday realizing the remote is now MIA)–…

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Some of my favorite things


I use to read like it was going out of style. I loved it, and could pick up a book and finish it in a day, no problem. When I had the girls, I put reading on the back burner and then pretty much quit reading all together. Last year, I set a goal to read 5 books, which isn’t a lot but I did…

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Hey y'all! I'm so happy you made your way to The Humbling Bee. I'm Denise and this is my small town story.

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