Memorable Mondays!

Happy 2017 everyone! I’ve been a little absent from the blog, but that’s what the holiday’s are about getting to spend time with loved ones and celebrating the birth of Christ. I’m extremely thankful I got to do so with the best family God could have given me.

Confession time-also, with being so busy I’ve fallen short on reading scriptures. Some days I just need a swift kick in the butt because it comes down to laziness. Thankfully, I serve a Heavenly Father who knows my heart and still loves me even when I come short.

I’m wanting to try a new thing where every Monday I attempt (haha no promises because seriously I’m so scattered brain these days — don’t know if I’m coming or going) to share a bible verse that is memorable to me. Honestly, every scripture is memorable-right down to the punctuation. It’s mind blowing how one verse can bring forth so much. I just love his word and I hope I can encourage you to love to read as well.

The first verse that I want to share has always called out to me, that even though I’m flawed Jesus still chose me. He loves the outcast, the unperfected. He calls to them and through his precious blood makes us worthy. Ah, seriously I weep when I start thinking how much he loves EVERYONE-not one soul is left out. Jesus loves you.

LUKE 5:32

I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

I love running references, and getting lost in his word. Seeing where those references can take you is amazing and you can learn so much. When I was reading this one and started running reference it brought me to 1 Timothy- 1:15. Another great verse, that is so reassuring and proves how much he truly loves me. Even though I come so short of His glory, he still working on me y’all and I thank him so much for that. If you want you should read that verse too.

Well, I’ve almost missed my deadline for #memorablemonday, but that’s me. Speaking of flaws — Constantly being late and procrastination to name a few. Let’s make 2017 a year to remember by getting in his word and growing just a little closer to our Heavenly Father. We can do it together and I’d love to hear from y’all. A favorite bible verse or a verse that speaks to you.

Five barley loaves + two small fish

Happy Monday loves! I hope everyone had a blessed weekend, I know I did.

I’m going to be totally honest here, so I keep having doubts about my blog. It’s like a voice in the back of my mind telling me that I’m not worthy to be speaking about Jesus. I am no one special, I’m not an elegant writer, and I sin just like everyone else. Yesterday at church we had a guest preacher and I’m not even joking I felt like he was speaking to me, you could just feel the sweet Holy Ghost in the presence of our small country church.



He said, “If I could title my sermon, I’d call it-What do you have in your lunch
box?” He read from St. John 6- about Jesus feeding the multitude with just five loaves of bread and two small fish. The preacher said, I might have a different take on this than what any of you have heard before, and that he did. He said, as Christians we always want to do things based off of feelings, and that we are always asking God for a sign. He went on to say, “Do you think this young lad had a feeling about packing his lunch that day?” No-he didn’t. The boy knew that eventually he would get hungry and had packed himself something to eat. I am the world’s worse for praying for a sign or that God will show me exactly what to do and it really hit home because like I said, I keep having this voice telling me to stop….that you’re going to make a fool of yourself and that I’m just setting myself up for failure. All of these negative thoughts just keep gnawing at me but the preacher said that’s exactly what the devil wants. The devil wants you to think that you are unworthy because then you won’t tell others about the glory of Christ.

Of course, the sermon went on and he then said, “So, I have to ask- what is in your lunchbox?” In other words, what do you have to give to Jesus? He said, a lot of people think they’re so unworthy to speak about Christ but if you have Christ in your heart He makes us worthy. It’s not about us, it’s that we have Jesus’ blood running through our veins and that in fact makes us very worthy. How simple is a testimony? It’s not hard to thank Jesus, because if we look around we will be able to see all his blessings and all his glory in every little detail.

Jesus fed a multitude with just five barley loaves and two small fish-just image if we were to give what little we had to Jesus. The young boy could have kept those loaves and fish to himself and he would have been satisfied but what about the other 5,000? If we allow Jesus to multiple, we always come out on top and with more than what is needed. I mean, there was twelve baskets left over, right? It might not seem like much, but to God it is everything.

I guess if you looked in my lunchbox, you would find a thankful heart longing to please our Heavenly Father. I have been so blessed and I just want to share those blessings and the love that come from our Heavenly Father.


Praise Him!

“Praise him, praise him.
Oh, praise him in the morning,
Praise him in the noon time.
Praise him. Praise him.
Praise him when the sun goes down.”

Oh man, I just love that song. When we sing it in church I just sing and dance my little heart out (when I say dance…I’m not cutting a rug or anything) mainly just bouncing a baby on my hip.

I was reading my bible the other night and since it’s almost Christmas I wanted to read about the birth of Jesus. I was flipping around and trying to find all the information I could about his birth and St. Luke seems to be the most detailed. That’s where I started reading and have read almost every day this week-I think I skipped one day but Lord knows our hearts! It’s not much but it makes me happy that I’m reading again.

It still amazes me that God sent his only son to this earth. I just can’t imagine sending one of my own away and in knowing what He was going to go through. If you don’t think God loves you, please think again because he loves you dearly. He loves you even if you don’t love him…it’s a love that I can’t wrap my simple mind around. It’s just-wow. There are no words. Sitting here I’m thinking how do we even repay such a love? I don’t feel like I ever could or will be able too but this verse stood out to me. Kind of stopped me in my tracks and brought tears to my eyes.

St. Luke 2:13: “And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

This verse is right after Jesus had been born and an angel appeared unto the Shepherds on a hillside to announce his birth. How amazing would that have been? And this is the verse that just blew me away…A multitude of heavenly host started PRAISING God- it hit me like a ton of bricks. That’s all we can do, is praise him. I mean think about it, that’s what the angels do all day and all night. They praise him!  We can’t buy his love. It’s all about our praise, that’s all he ask of us. I might not have the prettiest pictures on my blog, I might not have the fanciest house, and I could quite possibly have spit up in my hair and more dry shampoo than you could imagine but none of that matters. And praising Him doesn’t have to be this grand gesture either, if it comes from a true heart. I love to sing songs of praise, it’s my favorite way to worship him and I can’t carry a tune in a bucket but if I’m singing for the right reason it means all the same.

It’s easy to get swept up buying gifts and letting the”hustle and bustle” of Christmas stress us out, and I am so guilty for this but this verse helped me to step back and truly realize the meaning of Christmas. I am eternally grateful for the love of our Heavenly Father and for the sweetest of gifts we could ever receive.

The Beginning!


Okay, y’all! This is my first post and I’m so excited, maybe a little too excited but I’ve worked really hard on getting this blog up and running and it feels good to actually just write instead of racking my brain with the technical side of things.

A little of why I started this blog was, first of all I’m a new stay at home mom. And for me this is a huge transition. I’ve had a job since I was 15….and I’m 28 now. I have thought about having a blog for about a year now but was like ha! what will I write about and who would even read it. One day I thought to myself- wait, I am always telling myself how much I need to get focused and really start studying my bible but always used the excuse, “I’m to busy” or if I’m being completely honest (because He knows anyhow, right?) I didn’t want too. That’s when the wheels in my head started turning, why not start a blog about scripture, life, and everything in-between. I already had a secret pinterest board on lifestyle blogging and just needed the motivation to get things moving.

The scriptures on this blog are for me to focus and be motivated to get into God’s word.  I in no way want to offend anyone, so please know I’m always trying to improve myself through God’s word. My prayer is that this adventure could possibly touch someone’s heart through my life of embracing his grace and sharing stories.


Kind of obvious but I felt like my first post should be a scripture from Genesis. Since, it means “beginning.” I love when you read a verse that you’ve heard and read a million times over but then something new strikes, and you begin to just mediate and think about it and a whole new world opens up to you. His word is truly amazing but this verse is so much more to me than just God speaking about creating the “light.”

You can ask yourself, what is that light? You automatically think of the sun, but then I think The Son (a.k.a Jesus). I just love this scripture on so many levels but that light that he created when the world was new is still shining! That light is in each and everyone of us. It guides us, corrects us, and trust me I need a whole lot of guidance and even more correction. It’s a beacon that shines out and shows others the way. It can lead a precious life to Christ- and honestly what could be more important?  I believe that is why God created the light on the very first day because it’s so important that we allow our light to shine. Have you ever had a prayer answered? Imagine the light you could share just by simply telling that story. No matter how tiny or unworthy you might feel your faith and testimony could be a lighthouse directing those ships that are lost at sea, calling out-telling them turn back before it’s to late.

I’m going to try and remind myself that every action we do is recorded and will pray that those actions will allow His light to shine and glorify Him. And yes, I’ll need a reminder of this often seeing as I’m potty training my two year old daughter who refuses to cooperate. Fun times, lemme tell ya. But let’s go out into the world and try sharing our light and shining! That might have sounded cheesy, but hey! I’m an 80’s girl (gotta love those goofy 80’s movies) and a little cheesy never hurt anyone. Let’s encourage each other and pray that every action big or small will reflect that perfect light he created in Genesis 1:4. If you’re still reading this, thank you and you’re awesome! I’d love to hear any personal testimonies, as others would too. If you didn’t quite make it to the end, that’s okay you’re still awesome!